Buriram, Thailand

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Buriram, Thailand


When speaking of Thailand, most people around the world always come up with the pictures of beautiful beaches, natural islands, and graceful temples. Of course, Thailand is very famous for these attractions among other South-East Asia countries for ages.  Even Thai people themselves also go visiting these places on their weekends or long holidays due to the incredible fame. Many of them have been fantasised that these are only tourist attractions they have, however, that is not true at all. Thailand still has many interesting sites waiting all wanderlust to explore. Let me introduce you to the very first province that I could think of, Buriram!!

Geographically, Buriram is a northeastern province of Thailand where borders a neighbouring country, Cambodia. Throughout the history, its local cultures, language, and cuisines have been interwoven with Cambodia influences, so it is not surprising that Thai people in this region are able to speak ‘Northern Khmer’ fluently.


Phanom Rung Historical Park


Apart from these, Buriram architectures are also mostly built in Khmer styles, including Phanom Rung Historical Park, which is known as the most popular tourist attractions of the province and considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Entrancing tickets for a car (50 baht) and individual (20 baht)


As mention above, Phanom Rung Historical Park catches an eye of both Thais and foreigners for its ancient construction and local materials such as sandstones giving the uniqueness of the earth-toned colour to the building.


Moreover, it has been carrying numerous priceless history along— the site is actually a Hindu shrine representing Mount Kailash, in which people could dedicate to Shiva. Then, every single detail of the architecture always has hidden meanings behind. For example, the beautiful lady sculptures paralleled at the front walkway were referred to the earliest females devoting themselves to the coming of Shiva.

Beside the sanctuary site, Buriram is also notable for sports, especially football. Buriram United Football Club, one of the most successful clubs in Thai Premier League, tends to fully make a name to the province.

Football match: Buriram United vs Pattaya United

On top of that, the residents even take the famous speech of the BU chairman, Newin Chidchob: sports drive the economics, as a leading model of the society.


From local restaurants to up-to-4-star hotels, any visitors can see Buriram United’s logo almost everywhere. It can be said that everyone in this area seems to be united as one under this symbolic football club.


After introducing the football club, many of you may be curious about how wonderful the club is. Let’s look at the stadium first. I-mobile stadium really becomes the real Breath of Buriram.


In each match, loads of people travel from every part of the city to watch the match and they even come earlier to wait for the football players’ arrival, making the Thunder Castle entrance always very busy.

A souvenir shop
Buriram United jersey

Plus, souvenir shops around the stadium has no room at all! Some football jerseys are even out of stocks in a blink of eyes.


Inside the football club, the equipment and stadium construction are high-quality as if those used in the World class.

Football field

Not only I-Mobile stadium is the most professional and considerable stadium in Thailand, it is also recorded in the Guinness Book that it took only 256 days to construct, which is the least time in FIFA history!


What is more special about this provincial football club is that people are allowed to take a visit inside the stadium for free. It is available every day except for the match day.

Amari Buriram United, a football Hotel

For those who are not local people and take a long trip to the city, Buriram United also has its own football hotel with 5 stars, known as Amari Buriram United.



All of the decoration are related to the club. Additionally, on the match day, customers are exclusively invited to attend the after match dinner with the football players! It’s only 600 baht per person.


                      Anybody interested in going there should book the hotel ahead because it is quite rare to find a room when it comes to a walk-in reservation.


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Photo credit: A lost boy
Special Thanks: http://www.buriram.go.th/

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