Chiang-Mai, Thailand (Part 1)

A lost boy

Let’s get lost with this little boy while travelling.

Chiang-Mai, Thailand


When you want to escape from a busy life, where do you want to go? Maybe, some of you are thinking of beaches or beautiful islands. Of course, they are great places to have a relax time and rest yourself from whatever you are heavily holding. However, most beaches in Thailand are very crowded by both Thai and foreign tourists as well, especially during long holiday or high seasons. To really get away from urban life, you must go as far as you can to a remote peaceful area. How about going to Chiang-Mai?

Chiang-Mai is one of Thailand’s renowned  provinces that has a graceful nature, a nice fresh weather, and valuable cultures. Numbers of people have drowned in its wonderful tourist sites which they can not find in other regions of Thailand. Furthermore, local residents in Chiang-Mai are very kind and cheerful, so those travellers are fascinated by that identity. The spoken languages at here are unique as people always slowly speak with a delicate manner which perfectly catches the travellers’ attention and let them absorb a new way of having an easy life. Chiang-Mai is also popular for Lanna cultures that have been delivered through time.


My aunt and a local kid in traditional costume


In addition, we cannot forget to mention how beautiful the nature of this prominent province is. If you ever have a chance to go to Chiang-Mai, you should take a long road trip for once in a while. Then, you will see natural ambiance alongside the road. From wide green fields for local agriculture to several mountains hidden among cloud, you can amazingly enjoy all of these scenes as you get close to the destination. All of these things can not be experienced just by sitting on a window seat 30,000 feet above sea level.


Going upwards to the hill, you will feel as if you are under a wedding arch as the trees from both sides of the street have long branches enough to cover the skyline over the road.

To get more touched with the beauty of nature in Chiang-Mai, I recommend you to take a visit at Doi Mon Cham. It’s located in Mae Raem District, in which local villagers also live and spend their everyday life on farming and planting.


When you reach the top of the place, you will have a great chance to see a panorama view of the mountain ranges.


My little sister capturing the moment


Plus, the viewpoint is not just an open space, but it is full of different kinds of flowers and plants, allowing the visitors to feel released. To top it off, the surrounding environment is so nice thanks to a fresh wind.



Mon Cham can be considered an agricultural community since they grow a lot of strawberries, lettuce, cabbage, and herbs. As a result, organic vegetables and fruits are served in almost every restaurant in the area. Many traditional cuisines appear here such as Nam Prik Nhom, fresh vegetables with spicy eggplant sauces. Local shops are available for those who want to buy native tribe’s identifiable costumes and local souvenirs.

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There are more natural tourist attractions to get lost in Chiang-Mai.
To be continued!


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