Bangkok, Thailand (The Royal Project shop)

A lost boy

In remembrance of the King


Welcome back everyone! Now, I think most of you may know already that Thai people are going through an emotional time. Our king just passed away a few days ago, and this becomes a hot issue all over the world. For Thai people, it is pretty tough to get a hold of ourselves since our king is not only an ideal king to us like in fairy tales but also a father who would do anything to his children. Many people have asked Thais why we love his majesty so much. For one, we could say that he has really worked hard for Thai people over 70 years. One of his magnificent work is a loyal project that I’m going to introduce to you today.



Actually, I planned to travel to the north of Thailand again this week to explore new interesting sites around this region, but after the news was released, I do not think that we as Thai people would enjoy having a vacation at this time. However, some foreigners may not understand  our circumstances and do not know where they should go. Then, I came up with something simple and easy to visit in Bangkok. Plus, this place is also considered a remembrance of the King when he helped us to go through a difficult time in the past. Therefore, the foreign tourists can also learn and feel the deep touching feelings of Thai people. It’s the Royal Project shop at Or Tor Kor Market Branch. (I also blog about this market before. You can check it out via the attached link.)

What’s the Royal Project?


The Royal Project is initially established by His Majesty King Bhumibol to support farmers in a rural area to plant crops instead of planting opium in 1969. In the first state, it was a voluntary project cooperated by many famous universities in Thailand such as Kasetsart University, Maejo University, and Chiang-Mai University. Nowadays, the Royal Project has traveled throughout the country covering Chiang-Mai, Chiang Rai, Lamphun, Phayao, and Mae Hong Son.

Products on the shelf


The products from the loyal project are various. For example, they are an organic vegetable, herbs, beans and grains, fruit, mushroom, flower from northern area, dried flower, livestock products, fishery products, wild fruit, goodies made of vetiver Grass, and last but not least, food-processing products under trading names of royal projects and Doi Kham. Most of them are high-quality and come from many corners of Thailand.

    The Royal Project Shop

Organic veggies just arrived!


Next, I will talk about the shop which has many branches. You can probably find them at the department store as well, but the one that I will present today is very spacious and filled with a diversity of different products. It is easy to go because it is located on the same side of Or Tor Kor Market. You just take the MRT subway and get off at the Kamphaengpetch Road station. Inside the shop, the products have separated zones according to the categories from foods to clothes.

Fresh daily bakery is also available.


There are several recommended goodies such as tomato juices, dehydrated strawberry, an organic salad that you can mix by yourself at the corner bar, and unique traditional clothes.

The most recommended one


It’s under the trading mark of Doi Kham.


A salad bar in the Loyal Project shop


Moreover, fresh flowers are also available in both fished bouquets and individual ones. You can also buy seeds of your favorite flowers at here, too. Lastly, next tot the Royal Project Shop, you will see the royal project coffee shop where you can relax after finishing your shopping.

The transparent royal project coffee shop


-The End-

 Thank You for visiting my blog!


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