Chumphon, Thailand

A lost boy

Let’s get lost with this little boy while traveling.

Chumphon, Thailand

The same old picture repeats itself again whenever October arrives.  Traffic jams. Busy city. Rain covers everywhere. Anyone living in the urban city like Bangkok would probably get used to these things already. With this kind of weather, we may not have many choices to go outside. Plus, if we struggle to go out, we will end up being stuck in the middle of the road anyway. That is why I think it is a good time, at least for me, to stay at home and enjoy looking over where I have visited throughout the year.

Of all traveling photo collections of mine, the south trip set really grabs my attention. I went there in April and visited many provinces. By just looking at those photos, I seriously want to visit the sites again next year as the ambiance and whether are completely opposite to the current surroundings I have right now.

So, today I will share with you guys one of the natural islands and beautiful seas in the southern area of Thailand. When the summer comes again, you will have another interesting choice to create an unforgettable memory at a seaside!

Time to jump into the sea!

The place that I’m about to introduce to you is known as Chumphon, where has a long coastline and many coral reefs. It is a real paradise for a beach lover. Moreover, you can go to many tropical islands such as the famous Ko Tao, located on the same side as the Gulf of Thailand. However, I think I have mentioned one important fact about me maybe once or twice in the previous posts that I love traveling, but I don’t like crowded places. Then, I often try to find a tourist attraction that can give me a private time like Ko Jorakay or Crocodile Island in Mu Ko Angthong National Park, Chumphon.

Ko Jorakay: the peaceful island

Let’s get to know more about this island together! Ko Jorakay is in Pathio District and far from Thungwualaen beach only 11 kilometers. If you are looking from Thungwualaen beach, you can see the island, not in a far distance. It is a very small island surrounded by many rocks and a tiny beach. There are no resorts, hotels or even villages there, so Ko Jorakay is very calm. Not many tourists appear there as well.

You can do many kinds of adventurous activities around the islands such as swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing. All of these activities can absolutely get you closer to the nature that can pacify you from the stress.

My partner in crime since I was in an elementary school.

Also, the seawater looks like crystal clear, allowing you to spy on the coral reefs more clearly.

Voy a vivir el momento

However, unlike the colorful coral reefs in Ko Tao, Ko Jorakay’s has an earth tone color, giving the feeling of relaxation perfectly. There are a variety of marine species as well, so the fishing lover will enjoy their time catching a diversity of fish. For a scuba diver, you must check the local weather first because if it is really windy or the seawater is not friendly to you on that day, there is a high possibility to get injured.

Hi there!

For me, just being able to sink myself down to the sea and go snorkeling in this endless natural aquarium is enough for creating a perfect summer time. Do you have any favorite site? Let’s share with me, so I will have another exciting trip again next year!

Until I get lost again, see you!
Bye bye 🙂


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