Surat Thani, Thailand

A lost boy

Let’s get lost with this little boy while travelling.

Surat Thani, Thailand


This week we are still in the south of Thailand where is flourishing in natural tourist attractions. Mostly, people expect the beautiful beaches and incredible islands from the south, however, there are also many other interesting places like Ratchaprapa Dam.

Ratchaprapa Dam is located in Khao Phang, Ban Ta Khun District, Surat Thani province. It was initially known as Chaew Lan Dam. After it had been completely constructed, it was honourably given a new name, Ratchaprapa, by King Bhumibol, and continued to use this name to the present time. Ratchaprapa actually means ‘halo of the kingdom.’ Basically, it covers the water area in Chaew Lan. Also, it became one of the most important water barriers in the south and achieved the development of the electricity according to the royal project: Sufficiency Economy.

Until the recent year, Ratchaprapa Dam has been better known among many Thai people as a new wonderful tourist attraction. It is gradually promoted for tourism because the ambience around the dam is so natural. Since the dam’s waterscape is so vast, the visitor needs to take a boat at the port to go for a Dam scenery tour.

If one day trip is not enough, the visitor can also stay at hotels and resorts within the Rachaprapa Dam area. Some are built on the land, while others are built nearby the water. The most iconic ones are those constructed on a wooden raft floating on the water. This gives the visitor the same feeling as if they are in Maldives. In fact, it is also nicknamed Thailand’s Guilin due to the fact that the landscape of Rathcaprapa Dam looks just like Guilin city in southern China.

In addition, there are several beautiful spots to take a panorama photo on the land. Since the landscape of Rathcaprapa Dam has a hilly topography and water flowing through the dam, the visitor can take a photo from the bird-eye view at the top of the dam.


Plus, the water is actually quite windy and not too hot. Several trees and plants appear over the dam. They all are well cared and done gardening, so they look neat together.


There are also various restaurants providing local foods as well, but they are far from the hotels. When you visit the south of Thailand, don’t miss Liang vegetable fried eggs and yellow curry. They are the real identity of the south as Liang originally grows in this area, and the yellow curry is the most spicy dish in Thai food I have ever tried. They are the real signature dishes!

Nevertheless, this attraction is not likely in my favourite travelling list. I would rather have a one-day trip to this place because if you stay at the wooden-rafted resort, the toilet is not included. You have to go back to the land. That is not convenient at all, especially at the night time. Another thing is that the boat had no room for me, so it was pretty frightening when I was in the middle of the dam. Lastly, the road is seriously dangerous at night due to the darkness. Also, it has many steep curves as you go up higher along the hill.


Until I get lost again, see you soon


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