Krabi, Thailand

A lost boy

Let’s get lost with this little boy while travelling.

Krabi, Thailand


    When it comes to the aquatic tourist destination in Thailand, I bet that Krabi would definitely be listed on your top 5 lists. It is globally known as the real paradise for the sea lovers due to many incredible islands and beautiful aquatic sites. Tourists could find numbers of activities, such as diving, snorkelling, swimming and cruising, to enjoy their holiday at this southern province. These kinds of activities seem to involve only with the seawater, and Krabi tends to have merely oceanic attractions. Therefore, those who are not really into this kind of stuff may not feel interested in Krabi as much as most people would do. However, that is totally wrong. Krabi still has another option for the tourists to spend their precious holiday there. It is an eco-tourism! Let’s get lost in Krabi’s nature together!


     First of all, I will take you to Thanboke Koranee National Park Krabi Thailand, which is a green travel covering waterfalls, caves, limestone mountains, beach forests and mangrove forests. It’s located in Ao Luek Tai, Ao Luek District that also links to an extensive group of many prominent islands like Hong.


This green space, in fact, has several good spots for taking a photo of natural sights. Walking along natural trekking routes, you can tour around the forest without getting lost as it will guide you from the start to the exit.


On top of that, you can take the water pathways to explore the limestone mountains lying on the ocean by riding a kayak or canoe. The mountains have distinctive shapes due to the wind force and seawater, so they are environmentally perfect views for the visitors.

Additionally, the ticket for entering the national park rates differently for adults and kids. The adults are charged for 100 baht, while the children are charged 50 baht. For renting the kayak and canoe, it is about 500 baht.

Next, it is a good place for chilling out in the afternoon because you can have lunch and continue the outdoor activity right away at the same place. It is Laem Sak Pier, where you can go cursing to view the local environment filled with different plants, marine animals and florals.


At the pier, traditional Thai seafood restaurants are available, too. They are very special for being constructed on the wooden floating rafts. Plus, the waiter and waitress are local people, so you will experience the southern language at here. For the food, the seafood is so fresh, which really matches the ambiences. Also, there are certain dishes mixed between seafood and southern traditional food, whose taste is indeed spicy just as you can expect from the southern cuisine.

After finishing your meal, you can get on the traditional wooden boat directly at the restaurant. You don’t have to go back to the main pier again. It is pretty convenient.


While cruising, you will see local people’s lifestyle from both sides of the water pathways, such as how they catch the fish or do a shell farming.

Then, you will stop at Tham Pee Hua Toa or Big-headed Ghost Cave,  one of Krabi’s most famous cave. Even though it is really dark inside the cave, you will probably notice many ancient traces like prehistoric cave paintings. More importantly, Big-headed Ghost Cave is considered valuable in the history as it is a burial site where a large number of large skulls were found here.

Hope you enjoy my green travel!
Until I get lost again, bye-bye. 🙂


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