Real Beach o’clock: my seaside experience

A lost boy


Whenever you go to the beach, what do you usually do? This may sound a stupid question, but recently, I see many people going there and doing nothing except for taking a nice photo of “themselves.” (What a pity for the graceful scenery! Lol.) Well…  Some do actually go to the beach just for the beach. I get this point, but there are more fun activities for them. Also, I have talked to one of my best friends about this. She told me that she knew how beautiful Thailand’s islands, sea, and beach are, and wanted to explore them with her own eyes by snorkelling, for instance. Still, she didn’t. That’s why I think it’s “Real Beach” o’clock for alostboysite to share the experience of oceanic activities, which are not that scary as most people think.


Chumphon, Thailand

Let’s start with snorkelling. It’s an activity that you swim in the sea with certain equipment, such as a diving mask, a snorkel: a tube for breathing under the water, and fin, to go spying coral reefs and marine animals. Most of the time, you will swim on the surface of the water, so the area of this activity is not that deep. You can snorkel around the islands you visit. Still, the undersea nature may not be as beautiful as those in a deeper area where you have to cruise to the middle of the sea. If you go that far, you must secure yourself by wearing a life jacket. As I explain, it seems easy, right? But I know that no everyone feels like that. The obstacles possibly are a fear of the coral animals, breath underwater, or difficulty to use the tools. Here are some of my advice:


  1. Remind yourself that those oceanic creatures are ‘friendly.’ They won’t hurt you. Some of them are poisonous; I do agree, but if you keep floating horizontally, your feet won’t reach to where those corals are living. For a beginner, you can even wear a life jacket at the shallow area, which helps you floating perfectly.
  2. Find a right diving mask and snorkel for you! This could help prevent the water leaking into your mask. I recommend choosing the fit one rather than the loose one. For the snorkel tube, don’t pick the creaking one, otherwise, the seawater will run into your mouth! I experienced that when I was in an elementary school. It was not pleasant at all. However, everyone has his or her first time.
  3. Fight with your own fear and keep practising! No one can be a snorkelling expert at the first attempt. It takes times to get familiar with the tools and how to make them work well with your swimming style.

Scuba Diving

Let’s jump to explore the world below!

This activity may look more challenging than the previous one as it requires more equipment as well as training. First of all, I have to warn you guys that not everyone is able to participate in this activity as result of health and safety. For those who are unlucky, I will share my own experience.

Actually, I’ve liked snorkelling since I was in elementary school, but after I grow up, I find that it no longer satisfies my greed. I want to see more coral animals underwater, so I started scuba diving. I got my certificate in Maldives. It was under PADI, Professional Association of Diving Instructors, which allows me to go diving all over the world.

My PADI certificate, taken in Maldives

It wasn’t easy at all when I first started learning this. The equipment that must be attached to your body was extremely heavy: you have to carry a diving cylinder (scuba tanks), diving weights, BCD and so on. Moreover, it really took times to be familiar with the stuff. The most difficult part for me was when you had to breathe underwater, especially when the seawater was leaking into your mask. That happens to scuba divers all the time and you have to handle with that.

However, once you can overcome your own fear, you are ready to get lost in an endless natural aquarium. It is always exciting to explore the whole new world below you. More colourful oceanic animals and plants are awaiting. On top of that, when you look back to the surface, you will feel the sunlight differently from when you are on land. I think that is a highlight thing.

 Walking by the seashore

Rayong, Thailand

The last simple activity is just walking around the seaside and appreciate the surrounding beautiful ambiences such as the sunset in the evening. It will incredibly make you feel relax. If you come with your couple, that would be romantic. If you come with friends, you will be full with joyfulness. If you come alone, you will be at peace. It is a great time that you escape from the city, and follow the sun, so put down your social network, and enjoy the moment.


Well, I just recommend some simple activities that most people may forget. It is not bad to do what you usually do because everyone has different interest and capacity. But if you ever have a chance, what don’t you grab it? Just give it a try. You will never actually know what you can do until you challenge them. Maybe, you will find another side of yourself.

Ps. I gradually gather all of these experience from my journey. If you want to read more about them, check out my previous blog!
An exploration of MsNannapat in Maldives
Chumphon, Thailand

Until I get lost again, see you!
Bye bye.


4 thoughts on “Real Beach o’clock: my seaside experience

  1. Good points! Most of the time I go to the beach all I see is people taking selfies and nothing else. So I hope some of the people reading this will feel like doing something more next time they go to the beach.

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