Nakhon Nayok, Thailand

A lost boy

Let’s get lost with this little boy while traveling.

Nakhon Nayok, Thailand


(n.) a person who loves trees and forests.

Are you a Dendrophile? Well, if yes, you have come to the right place! This week I will introduce you guys to a natural tourist attraction where you can enjoy the endless beauty of the forest and bamboo trees. It is the bamboo forest in Nakhon Nayok, Thailand!

It is the hidden site of Ban Phrik, Ban Na District in Nakhon Nayok. Not only do a few people visit the place, but also its secluded narrow road that is impossible for a tourist bus to drive through makes the place even more unseen. However, once you pass by that rough road, you will find yourself being lost in a wonderful nature. The garden bower grown by a variety of bamboo trees appears on the left side of your hand, while a parking lot is on the opposite side.


Walking through the bamboo bower is the main highlight of this one-day trip. If you come early in the morning, there will be fewer visitors, so you can have hipster-style pictures of yourself. Anyway, the ambiance itself already looks calm as if you are in a Japanese garden, which always has a bamboo as a symbol of peace.

When you look up at the sky, the green stalks and leaves can still cover your head, yet there is enough room for sunlight to shine though to the ground.


You may be curious why there is such a place here, right? Keep walking to the end of this bamboo tunnel, the answer is right there! This iconic bamboo bower belongs to Wat Chulabhorn Wanaram or Chulabhorn Wanaram Temple, where is the place of worship.

Wat Chulabhorn Wanaram

If any of you is interested in visiting the site, here are some of my recommendations. First, you must have a personal car since it is located in the remote area, in which the public transportation cannot reach. Secondly, your car shouldn’t be too big because the road is VERY narrow. Even a normal vehicle is still difficult to access, especially when the car on the another side is passing by. Lastly, if you are very picky with food, prepare something for a picnic. (For me, in this world, there are only two types of foods: delicious and more delicious.)  Plus, not many restaurants are available in the same area.

Khun Ratch’s Kitchen

Speaking of food, I went to one of the most famous restaurants in this area. The Princesses of Thailand had once been there long time ago as well.


However, since I had such a high expectation on this restaurants, It did not turn out well. It serves various basic Thai cuisines and seafood. Unexpectedly, it is not fresh. When I chewed shrimp and fish, they are quite fishy although they all were cooked for the spicy dishes. Normally, the spices will cover the fishy tastes, therefore, you can tell that it is not fresh.

Tom Yam Kung

Aside from that, the overall taste, in my opinion, is delicious and rich in flavor, but not that “wow.”

Deep fried chicken and ginger
Deep fried fish with spicy curry sauces
Kaeng Som

I hope that this will help out the Dendrophile, who wants to seek for a new natural site. BUT, if you want more and really fall in love with the bamboo, stay tuned for my next update! I will guide you to another place where you can learn more about it to the point that you can grow it at your house!

See you soon.
Until I get lost again, bye-bye.


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