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Hello, everyone! Welcome back to my blog! Recently, I have been looking through many tourist attractions that I have been so far, and realize that I went to some of them purely due to promoting and advertising on social media rather than those places’ real fanciness. Also, when I discuss this topic with my friends or family, they mostly agree that mass media in the present time do highly create a big impact to a tourism. So, the theme of my blog this week is ‘Advertising in Tourism.’

First of all, let’s question ourselves why we would like to travel or visit certain places. Is it because of the site’s beauty? Or is it because we see that others have been there? Some places are even located in a remote area where is hard to reach to, but several wanderlusts still demand to go. This is because individuals have a good feeling towards the places. However, those good feelings were previously built by a marketing’s first strategy called branding.

If any owner can create a fame, gimmick and identity to his or her place, that person will definitely grab attentions from the public. Moreover, if the owner can differentiate the site and present what is so special about it, people in other regions will surely recognize it and store that image in their mind—I have to go once in a life time!

Take a look at this place! It is called ‘White Sand Dunes’ where is the most famous tourist attraction in Mui Ne, Vietnam. Despite the fact that Vietnam is one of the Southeast Asia countries, it has a beautiful rare desert in a small city, just like those in the Middle East.


White Sand Dunes in the evening!


Thus, merely with this fact, people will have already been interested in the place because other neighboring countries, on the contrary, do not have. If any Vietnamese traveling agency get this point, of course, they can make use of it as well as do branding, and it turns out that they did it perfectly that many Thai people go crazy about this place.


So windy that the sand scatters everywhere just like messages in mass media


Apart from branding, there is another marketing strategy left behind tourism.  It is a promotion. Only building the brand will not be one hundred per cent successful. It still needs the promotion whose most effective methods is to keep repeating what you have created. If you already have a fame, then it is a must to make it remain with people.

‘White Sand Dunes’ of Mui Ne in Vietnam again is a great example of this strategy. On social media, there are various bloggers who review about this site and recommend people to go there. From one to many audiences, the content about Vietnamese desert is distributed to a wide range of netizen. The shared story can help both remain the existing audiences and gain more new commers since the promotion is getting wider and wider.

Nevertheless, repeating the content is able to expand more if we apply the method to different types of media channels. Usually, in tourism, the media that can go parallel with social network is the print media. A guide book can also reaffirm the prominences of each place. Reading the review only may seem too vogue to many people, so if there are guide travelling books, they can make things more tangible. Also, it makes sense to people in case that they want more trustworthy details from more reliable sources.

Next, it is dealt with how the message is delivered to the mass. Remember that it aims to raise a curiosity of traveling audiences to actually go exploring at the real place, so the hard-sale feelings may not work well in this situation. It is better to use mystique or poet content with expressive feeling. That can get the audience more into with new unfamiliar places. Indeed, travelling is not only about what the eyes have seen but also what you have experienced and what still remains. Hence, soft and featured narration should be used.

Plus, pop culture can even play a significant role here. What is popular at the moment is the trend of beautiful photos. Nowadays, people do not just simply share what they want or have seen. Instead, it is the era of social media competition. The one who can get a fabulous image and receive tons of ‘Like’ will be the winner. Basically, people judge each other based on Like and share. Then, to get public attention in short time, you have to go with the flow. If they are asking for splendid photos, edit and filter it! It is likely common this day due to the pop culture.

The same goes for the video. People do not concern about what you have taken anymore. They focus on aesthetics of filming production whether you have a creative edit or not. Likely, it is a need of integration as well. For example, you make a travel review video along with a popular music at that time. It can attack other groups of people who are eager to music, not only the traveler. This helps expand the place’s popularity.   

All in all, travelling can be considered a relaxing activity to many people, yet they may get over fascinated by an advertisement. Since we have an advancement of technology, loads of information can directly link to us a blink of an eye, including advertising. Without realizing, it creates a big impact on people’s leisure activity. More importantly, the advertising in tourism can archive its goal due to combined strategies together. It covers in three main points which are branding the place, repeating the fame and promoting along with pop culture. All of these elements are the basic key of how one can more or less challenge the audiences to take a visit at a certain site. Both new and old tourist attraction can use this step. The new one just creates the publicity, while the old one can also regenerate its image to people. As a result, it can get people to know and visit them.


See you again!


Thank You for visiting my site!


2 thoughts on “Advertisement in tourism

  1. From my opinion, I think that the Advertisement has a lot impact to tourism. When I see the post of someone promoting the places in the Facebook, I always want to visit there. The advertisement is like a tool in promoting the places and also other products and services in today’s time.


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