Gender and Traveling Issues

Hello, my dear readers! Warningly welcome everyone back to my blog:-) How have you guys been doing? I have been busy with my study since my final exam is upcoming soon. A week left, to be exact. However, I still find a little time to hang out with friends and chill out on the weekend. Recently, I would spend most of my time at shopping malls to get different ambiences from staying at home. Even though they are too crowded sometimes, I somehow can find a way not to get annoyed by that. Hahahaha.

Well, speaking of the department store, when I was in high school, I normally travel to there by a public transportation such as a van, BTS or MRT. It was pretty convenient to me back then in spite of competing with other people for a seat. But, after I entered to a university, of course, I grow up and am able to drive a car legally! So, my lifestyle is quite changed along with my age. Now, instead of fighting for getting into the public transportation, I face the challenge of finding a parking lot as well as being stuck in the traffic.

I think most people are confronting with these problems nowadays as almost every Thai citizen seem to have a personal car.


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Personally, I think that the shopping mall also notices the obstacle, so they manage to come up with a solution like a lady parking. You may be curious, right? What do they have to do with lady’s parking zones?

Apparently, most girls love to shop, so loads of them go to the shopping mall! To get the traffic better, it should locate the area for these people instead of letting them drive around the mall, creating a traffic jam.

Nevertheless, this is only a small reason. The main reason behind is about safety and conveniences. To put it simply, ladies are portrayed as weak, passive, emotional, beauty, and fragile based on a gender code. This kind of representation of girl has been passed on from generation to generation. People in the present time still believe in this stereotype. On the contrary, guys mostly have a representation of masculine: physique, powerful, strong, and active.

As a result, people in the society tend to think that dangers would happen to the ladies more often to the guys. Plus, there have already been many cases about girls being attacked by guys at the parking lot due to the darkness and secludedness, so people assume that all girls need a special security for their safety.

Lady’s parking lots at the mall allow all girls to have a privilege to park their cars if they come either alone or together with other ladies and kids under 7 years old.

However, it has never been promoted that all guys do not have a superior right to take an advantage of girls when they are in secluded areas. This is because of the belief of traditional stereotype from the old time, also know as patriarchy that men are more powerful in the society.
The powerful one can do whatever they want, basically. Then, the powerless one needs to protect himself or herself.

Besides visiting shopping malls, another place that I normally like to drop by of all time is a bookstore. My most favourite section is a traveling guide where I can be flooded with loads of traveling books. Now, I have spotted many of them writing about a solo female traveler or recommending about tips and tricks specially for females to travel alone.

At the first grant, I think it is pretty cool that many publications launch this kind of book since it used to be a book only for guys which, in my own pinion, is pretty hard for women to follow. Due to dissimilar gender representations and physical elements, the traveling book for a solo male traveler may be unable to be applied for all ladies.

Moreover, today it is more likely that all media are combined to gather to promote one product or a trendy fashionable idea, therefore, apart from selling a solo female traveler’s book at the shelf of the bookstore, it has been promoted on social media as well. Many solo female traveler-bloggers appear to be seen more often. From Facebook to various websites, we can notice a travel review by the female bloggers who claim that they seriously roam alone. This becomes new fashion among girls to travel alone.

Several modern ideas are also promoted along the trend. For example, girls do no longer to have a boyfriend as they can travel alone, and if you are single women, let’s travel independently.

On the other hand, this situation may not make all girls be happy because not everyone is into traveling alone. What if a girl named Bella, for instance, is really incapable of traveling alone although she has already followed the instruction? More importantly, what if Bella is also single, and cannot do anything independently. Then, a solo female traveling trend becomes nothing but a pressure to her!

This situation is called retro-sexism where a female with new ideology and a female with old belief are not in an agreement. So, it creates a pressure and stress to the other person as she is still stuck with the same old idea.

From what I mentioned above, they are all related to gender issues and traveling tendency in the present time. I try to point out that both of them are influenced each other. The best thing people should do is that they must promote both side equally! If they want to promote safety to girls, they must not forget to tell a guy that he doesn’t have special right to attack girl. Also, if one wants to travel by oneself or wants others to accompany, it is definitely his or her privilege. People in the society cannot judge them for their decision making. A solo female or male traveler is just an alternative for people, not a social measurement for traveling.

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2 thoughts on “Gender and Traveling Issues

  1. Interesting topic. This reminds me of the Women-only passenger cars (bogies) in Japan. It really feels safe when traveling alone. Wish they could adapt the idea to the BTS in Thailand though.


  2. I would say that media makes me want to be a solo traveler, because what I’ve in media so far it looks very interesting for the girl to do a solo travel. One thing, I really like this part “If they want to promote safety to girls, they must not forget to tell a guy that he doesn’t have special right to attack girl.” Media should really promote this!


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