Tips for organizing a traveling bag

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Let’s get lost with this little boy while travelling.

Tips for organizing a traveling bag


After I have been to many trips around this country, I think it is time to take a break from a long travelling. However, that does not mean that I would not update anything at all. In this post, I will share you guys some tips about how I normally organise my travelling bag. So, let’s get started!

Before we pack our bags, there are certain things we should consider: bag size, duration, weather, destination and your own fashion style. If it is a really long journey like traveling for a month, you have better use a suitcase. If your destination is really strict with clothes such as religious sites, you should also prepare a proper dress code as well. Another important thing is the weather because you will not enjoy your trip at all when you feel uncomfortable.

Now, I will show you how I pack my bag in both suitcase and normal bag.

1. Rolling in the bag

Instead of folding your clothes into a square shape, you should roll them just like a sushi. This way can save your space in the bag for other accessories. For underwear, I often put them in a separating bag. I found this trick from my aunt who traveled in Europe for a month with 7 pairs of shoes in her suitcase… Believe me, she really did that.  Also, if we have more space, we can buy more souvenir back home.


2. Fold in a set

This way is like the mix between rolling and planning your clothes at the same time. It is helpful when you go on a trip that you have little time for your morning routine. It helps you find your clothes more quickly. First, you plan thing ahead which tops go to which trousers and socks. Then, you fold your top and trousers in a half separately. After that, put the half-fold top on the edge of trousers, and put your socks (and underwear) on top of that horizontally. But, leave the wearing side out. Next, roll them up till the end. Lastly, unfold the wearing side of your sock to cover the rest as the pictures below. You will have a tube of clothes that contains every necessary outfit in one!

3. Pack your clothes vertically

I always do this tip not only for my travelling bag but also my yoga and gym bag. After I roll all of my clothes, I will put them vertically in my bag because I will find things faster.

4. Mini containers

This tip is quite common, yet not many people think of it. Instead of carrying a full size of your show products, it is better to put them in smaller containers which can be found at a dollar store or 100yen store. This can apply to skincare and makeup as well. I recommend using a tester because it has a small portion and enough for a few days.

 Special recommendations:
– When you travel to anywhere in winter, you should take any heavy clothes such as sweaters, jackets, and coats with you on the flight so that your bag will not excess the weight limitation at the airport. It saves both your money and space in your bag.
– Plan you clothes ahead. It will be easier for your trip. Sometimes, you may get tired after visiting so many places and need a really long nice sleep to fill your energy. If you plan your clothes ahead, you will have more time to sleep in the morning, especially for girls. We all want to be perfect and relax at the same time, so plan thing ahead. Taking photos of what you have planned or how you match your outfits with some accessories is also helpful when you want to be more fashionable.

Finally, I think many people have faced this problem before. Even I, myself used to struggle with it. We may have a super organised bag once we depart from our home, but when it comes to the last day of our trip, we cannot fit all of our clothes and souvenir back into the bag just like the way it comes! Lol, it is pretty simple that we are tired (Again. It’s a to-go excuse.) and lazy to pack everything back, so I come up with a better way to pack my bag on the last day of vocation.

First, you take out all of your clothes that will go to the laundry when you are back home. Lay out the top first, then, put the bottom over the edge of the top. Repeat this process until you get all of your clothes. Put your socks and underwear on top of them. Next, fold the vertical side into the centre. Lastly, roll both sides into the centre. It will look like a pillow that can save your luggage’s space. For the towel, you can use it to wrap fragile souvenirs. For example, when I traveled to Russia, I wrap the vodka with my towel.

Hope that my tips are helpful!
Thank You!