Cartoon Theme Cafe and Collaboration with Media

Cartoon Theme Cafe and Collaboration with Media

Hello guys, warmly welcome back to my blog again! How have you been doing so far? For me, I think the weather is getting a bit hotter day by day. So, I try to seek out for a solution to this problem. Then, one of my best friend, Nitchakul “Aim” Kosaiyakanon whose blog is wherever066x, came out with an idea that we should go hanging out at a cafe for absorbing cooler temperatures and trying new cool drinks. Moreover, the cafe always has a great ambience, so at least, it can help us feel better!

If we go to a normal cafe, I think that it is a bit too boring since we can find them around the place from school area to big shopping malls. If we have to visit any of them, It should be unique as well as interesting. Then, today I will recommend you guys 3 cartoon theme cafes located in Phatum Wan district or Siam!!

Cartoon theme cafes in Siam area

1. Moomin’s Cafe

First of all, let’s start with Moomin’s cafe where is located on the 4th floor of Siam Centre. The place is easy to go as the shopping mall is directly linked to the BTS station. Taking out the Siam station, you can walk inside the building. Then, going up to the 4th floor, Moomin’s Cafe is right there waiting for you. Basically, this cafe is decorated under the Finnish character theme that has a similar appearance to white hippopotamuses. Moonin is actually a series of cartoon books which were released between 1945 and 1993. In the cafe, some menu has Moomin’s identity along with each dish to give a glimpse of Moomin’s world. It is a good place for those cartoon addicts or Moomin lovers. More importantly, within the cafe, there is also a souvenir store selling Moomin products for visitors.

2. Charlie Brown’s Cafe
The next place that I would like to introduce to you guys is called Charlie Brown’s Cafe which is located at MBK Centre on the 7th floor. So, if you want to visit this cafe, you need to take off at National Stadium BTS station that directly links to MBK Centre. Compared with Moomin’s cafe, this place has much more elements to resemble the cartoon theme cafe.
Charlie Brown is a male kid character owing a beagle dog named Snoopy. Charlie Brown and Snoopy are one of the most famous comic strips in the United States. Moreover, they also appear in a series of TV animation as well as a movie.
In the cafe, most of the decorations cooperate with Charlie Brown and Snoopy theme. The cafe’s furniture has several cartoon-printed stickers on top to show the identity of Snoopy. Likewise, all of the containers including plates, mugs and coffee cups were especially designed to match the character theme. Plus, the foods such as rice and cake are shaped into the character theme when it comes to the food presentation.

3. Sanrio Hello Kitty Cafe
The last cafe in Siam area that I would like to introduce today comes with the theme of Hello Kitty. This character originates in Japan and becomes famous all around the world. Most people think that this fictional character is a cat character, yet it is not. In fact, Hello Kitty is originally aimed at pre-adolescent females.
Sanrio Hello Kitty Cafe seems like the biggest cafe out of the other three cafes because it is located out of the department shopping mall. This cafe is located at Siam Square One where is directly connected to Siam BTS station again. Plus, this cafe has three stories: the first floor is for cafe and drinks, the second floor is exclusively open for a special event, and the third floor is for a spa. The whole building and interior decoration is coloured pink with many feminine decorations. Another noticeable spot in this cafe is that all of the chairs are shaped into Hello Kitty face. It is not just a print!

Next, let’s talk about the food. It is not beyond expectation that everything is set with Hello Kitty theme, so this cafe would be a recommended place for all girls.
Now, let analyse these cafes with media disruption! First of all, these three cafes are under the cartoon themes of three famous characters:
Moomin is popular in Finland.
Charlie Brown and Snoopy are popular in the United States.
Hello Kitty is popular in Japan.
Therefore, each character is a pop icon from different regions. Three of them are represented in both comic strips and animations, so they are easy to reach many people. Moreover, the content in the cartoon is easy to understand which is a good quality of popular culture.

However, since the time is passing by, only using these kinds of media platforms are not enough to promote the characters. They require more combination of visuals, mobile and social parts due to the media disruption that many media are combined together to represent one thing. In other words, it is the exploiting a mix of media to tell a story. As a result, the cartoon theme cafes occur. The sender can communicate about the character through various ways from screens to tangible stuff like a real cafe. Even at the cafe, some messages that appear on comic strips are also apparent at the real place. It is how the themes are put together in order.

Moreover, this kind of strategy goes according to the marketing. More media for distributing products can increase the sale points because more people can be engaged in it. In the past, only kids or teenagers may be the target audience as they are likely to watch and read the cartoon. In contrast, nowadays we have a real cafe open for anyone to take a visit. It can get an attention from both adolescents and normal adults who would just enjoy the foods and drinks. It is similar to gain more money from both cartoons and cafes.


Nan, Thailand (Part 2)

A lost boy

Let’s get lost with this little boy while travelling.

Nan, Thailand
Cafe and Restuarant Edition


As I said in my previous post (Click here: Nan, Thailand Part 1), this week I will blog about Nan’s cafe and restaurant edition! By just looking at the title, my stomach has already screamed! Then, let’s get started!

Phuphayak, Fresh Coffee


First of all, I will take you to one of the most famous coffee shops in Nan. It’s called Phuphayak Fresh Coffee, which is located in Mueang Nan district. The shop does not seem so fancy like those in Chiang-Mai, while the decoration is quite simple. However, many customers still come to this cafe for a cup of fresh coffee. It provides a wide variety of drinking menu and sweets, such as coffee, tea, cake, mulberry juice and so on. The most recommended one is the Phuphayak fresh coffee signature that smells really nice and tastes so delicious. For a tea lover like me, an iced green tea is a must because the texture of this drink is really soft and smooth. You can even smell the green tea flavour right away. Plus, you can find some souvenirs like postcards and Thai snacks.

Wanda Restaurant


After sipping tasty drinks, I bet that most of you probably become hungry. Then, it’s time to find our main course to fill energy! Wanda restaurant is very suitable for a lunchtime because it is more like a fast-food restaurant offering many choices for customers, such as northern foods, local curries, and appetisers like Pork Satay. The northern food that you must try is Khao Soi or boiled egg noodles served in soup curry. You can choose different meats such as chicken, beef, and pork. This dish is rich in flavour of curry and has a creamy texture, yet it tastes perfectly with the crispy egg noodles on top. Plus, you can personally season it with dried chilli flakes, lime, sliced shallots and pickled mustard greens.


Pork Satay


Yong Tau Foo (In front of the BAAC bank, Nan Branch)


Widely known as Yentafo in Thai, Yong Tua Foo, a pink noodle soup, is another Thai fast-food dish influenced by Chinese cuisine. In Nan, the most well-known yong tua foo is served at the food stand in front of the BAAC bank. With around 10 tables placed along the footpath, it’s a real street food, yet the taste of its noodle soup is amazing. What makes yong tua foo here different is that it has tiny crunchy flakes within the soup. In addition, it also serves other noodle menus such as noodles with steamed pork rips, egg noodles with roasted red pork and Tom Yam noodle soup.

Khongwan Pa Nim (Aunty Nim’s dessert)


Next, I will introduce my favourite cafe, Khongwan Pa Nim, located at one of the major intersections in Nan. The place is very outstanding as it is a two-story building made of wood in the old Thai style, while the surrounding buildings are mostly constructed with concrete. On the opposite side of this cafe, you will see a noticeable golden architecture of Wat Sri Phan Ton that you can cross the street to visit as well. Anyway, this dessert cafe serves several menus of traditional Thai sweets such as Bua Loy Kai Wan, Ruam Mit  coconut milk ice-cream, Sakoo Piek, Khanom Wan Ruam Mit, etc. The most famous dessert is Bua Loy Kai Wan that is served only in the evening.

Lerts Ros Restaurant


Lerts Ros restaurant, whose name means ‘ambrosial,’ is a good place for having early breakfast outside the hotel. It is very notable for pig’s organ soup that has a nice smell of paper. It’s normally served with steamed rice. Apart from this, the main menu includes congee, Chinese roll noodle soup, and clear Ekaehla soup. For those who do not want to start a day with a heavy meal, they can order some appetisers such as patongko (fried bread stick), dim sum, shumai, har gow and baozi (steamed bun with various stuffings). Also, the restaurant is close to a morning market selling traditional clothes and hair accessories, so you have a chance to experience how local people live after fishing breakfast.

Hope you enjoy my blog!
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Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

A lost boy

Let’s get lost with this little boy while travelling.

Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand


Nakhon Ratchasima, also locally known as Korat, is located in a northeast of Thailand where neighbors various provinces such as Buriram, Saraburi, Khonkaen and Lop Buri. Most Thai people have always known Korat as the city of Thao Suranaree (Lady Suranaree) or Yamo (Granny Mo), who was the wife of the former governor of Nakhon Ratchasima and played a very significant role in Thai history. Tracing back in 1826 when the city was seized by the Vientiane King’s invasion, the governor was away, so Suranaree was the one protecting her people by persecuting the invaders as well as guiding a rebellion of the prisoners back to their home. Thanks to her loyal action, she was named as “the brave lady” and titled as “Thao” (Lady) by King Rama III.

Nowadays, local people still patriotically gratitude her and worship the Statue of Thao Suranaree in the center of Korat city. As a result, this historical site becomes one of the most well-known places in Korat, attracting loads of visitors to go taking a photo or even making a wish! Plus, there is also a cultural festival to celebrate Thao Suranaree’s brave action.

Furthermore, Korat is also prominent for its local delicious cuisines such as Pad Mee Korat, a spicy stir-fried noodle dish, which has a similar look as Pad Thai, yet a different taste. Actually, the recipes of these two menus are very close but there are certain ingredients making Pad Mee Korat more special. For instance, a nice cut of pork belly seasoned with a chilli flake can create a perfect combination of hot, spicy, juicy flavours to your tongue, which shrimp pad thai can not do.

Pad Mee Korat

On top of that, there are various notable street foods in this city that serve original Pad Mee Korat. The first one is ‘Jae Noi Katoke’ casual restaurant on Dech Udom Rd, where has got many excellent online reviews by popular food bloggers, including Wongnai. Not only do they serve native Pad Mee Korat, they also have other delicious dishes such as deep-fried salted chicken and stir-fried fish in special curry sauces.  All foods are very rich in flavours reminding how authentic Thai people delicately cook spicy foods. The restaurant opens in an early morning around 8.00 a.m. till 9.00 p.m., which is such a busy time that it’s hard to find both seats and parking lots.

Dinner is served.
Deep-fried salted chicken
Stir-fried fish with spicy sauces

Another recommended street food in Korat is ‘Khanom Chin Kru Yod Pim Ko’ since all local residents are more likely to know this place very well. The most famous dish, just by looking at the restaurant’s name, is Khanom Chin or a boiled white noodle with many kinds of stock such as green curry and fish curry. What makes Khanom Chin here renowned is the delicious creamy fish curry that comes together with a variety of side vegetables. Additionally, the restaurant even offers a particular set of Khanom Chin allowing the customers to mix and match a couple of different stocks at once in case that they want to try the rest. For Pad Mee Korat, the taste is delicious as well, but compared with the previous one, the dish is less spicy and more friendly to foreigners and children. The other must-try menus are green papaya salad, fried salted chicken, and minced pork salad.


Green papaya salad
Minced pork salad

Last but not least, after introducing many main dishes of Korat, it is time to shift a gear to sweets. Located in Jomsurangyard Rd where you can find lots of food, ‘Technique Bua Loy Kai Wan’ is a late night street-side food stand serving Thai sweet eggs dessert. It has different colourful rice balls floating in coconut cream. You can add on sweet poached eggs if you like. Then, it will be completely called Bua Loy Kai Wan. Only rice balls are just Bua Loy. At here, you will find that the dessert is not too sweet and has a great texture of coconut cream. It’s worth trying if you ever have a chance to visit Korat.

‘Technique Bua Loy Kai Wan’ menu
Bua Loy
Bua Loy Kai Wan


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